This Week January 7th

Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed your vacation.  I’ve really missed my students.  I spent the day (Friday) cleaning the room and preparing materials for this week.  I am sending out a summary of what we will be learning this week.

Spanish Language Arts

  • We are beginning a new story:  Dogzilla
  • We are learning a new component of academic conversations: Adding to an idea/ Challenging an idea.


  • common prefixes Prefixes
  • common suffixes
  • We are starting a new English text: Matter and Energy
  • Vocabulary quiz: High frequency words (a mix of the words to date)


  • Reviewing multiplication tables (1-10)
  • Introduction to division

Social Studies


  • New Music for Minors teacher coming to our class on Wednesday


  • No Playworks this week


  • Students are selecting library books that are within their A.R. reading level starting this week.

Well, this has been a very brief summary of what will be going on this week:) .